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14.7 On the side of Art




July the 14th 2016, Nice, 10:36 PM. On the Promenade des Anglais, where the Prom’Party takes place every year, a lorry driven by a terrorist kills 86 people and injures 302. Witnessing the attack, Marco Vezzoso, who lives in Nice and teaches at the music conservatory, is playing on stage with his band, in front of the Westminster hotel. He sees with his own eyes the whole sequence of events unfold. And he fears being involved personally, since he loses contact with his wife, who waved him good bye and headed home, moments before the crazy rush of the lorry. When he sees the lorry start and understands its intentions, Marco leaves his trumpet on stage and starts following the lorry for two kilometres, until the police stop him: two kilometres of panic and despair, between the dead bodies and the injured, with the gruelling fear of finding his wife amongst them.


From these tragic circumstances, the project “14.7 On the side of Art” was born. For what purpose? Not only to bear witness of this traumatising personal experience, but also, and above all, to try to respond to terror, in so far as possible, with the voice of art, on the side of Art, in fact.

Without presumption but with the conviction that art is – today more than ever – an amazing meeting place between people and cultures, being the depositary of the only language that is truly universal: the language of the heart and of beauty, which everyone understands; the language that’s always been spoken, in every place and at every moment of human history.


Promenade des Anglais, Promenade of blood, Promenade of the warless are three poems that Giannino Balbis has written to this end, by invitation of Marco Vezzoso, who in turn, composed three pieces of music with the same titles – three pieces of music that merge with the poetic texts to create a literary-musical continuum that is completely original and of an extraordinary emotional impact.


  1. Promenade des Anglais narrates Nice before the attack, or the soul, the History, the beauty of a typical multi-ethical Mediterranean city. The music is inspired by this history and interprets it with poignant lyricism.
  2. Promenade of blood recounts the tragic event from the perspective of those who, like Marco Vezzoso, have experienced it in person. The music accentuates the drama of the story reproducing in an obsessional way, rhythmically, the progress of the homicidal lorry.
  3. Promenade of the warless narrates the next day: Nice after the attack, or the art and beauty as universal antidotes against violence (the Warless are the artist who can’t stand war). The music, with a marching rhythm, encourages hope and a courageous recovery under the sign of art.

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