Guarda che luna… Again – duo Vezzoso/Collina

After winning over Japanese fans, Marco Vezzoso publishes the new album “Guarda che luna … Again” (DaVinci / Egea edition) jazz reinterpretations of the great classics of Italian music. A new international tour (Guarda Che Luna Tour) is organized to present his new disc. This tour will then stop in several cities such as Prague, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, etc.
The new album “Guarda che Luna … Again” (Davinci Edition / Egea), available for digital download, on streaming platforms and in CD format for the Japanese market, at the request of the Osaka label. It’s a journey into classic Italian songs that Marco Vezzoso reinterpreted in jazz, creating a bridge between Italy and Japan.
“The album is a journey into popular Italian music that pays homage to Italian melody and to artists like Modugno and Buscaglione. It’s called Regarde la lune … Again like a very famous song in Italy, to renew my personal recognition to these great singers. In addition, during my last tour in the Orient, the public was fascinated in every point of view of our culture. So with this album, I want to honor my native country. a painting by the Japanese artist Shinya Sakurai that I met in Japan and with which I immediately found common ground, thanks to its originality and spontaneity “