Andrea Marchesini (Alassio ‐ Italy, aug 5th 1960) is an Italian drummer, backing vocalist, and composer. He started playing drums at age 14 and spent his teen days listening to great music, having fun with local musicians, rehearsing, composing, playing concerts, and self teaching drumming basics. After a short period of music and drumming theory and practice at the “Small Conservatory” Nuova Milano Musica in Milan, he moved to New York (’84) where his versatile approach to skins and cymbals has matured in an open attitude to pop & rock, jazz & fusion, acustic and World music styles.

He studied at Drummer’s Collective with Kenwood Dennard, Frankie Malabe, Kim Plainfield, Robbie Gonzalez, played in dozens of rock and jazz clubs, recorded commercials, demos, albums and CDs, took part of TV shows and theater plays (among the different “projects”: Robert Secret ‐ Rob Morsberger, and the theater play Red House and a Europe tour in ’85). In 1989 Andrea released his first “solo” CD Back To Europe, with the partecipation of producer Hiram Bullock, guitarist Mike Stern, and bassist ‐ producer Jonas Hellborg. He returned to Italy in 1990 and took a long and deep brake with music, picking up again in 1997. Since his return to action in 1998 Andrea has worked with comedy‐theater‐music show Luca e Paolo and slowly re‐built a career through important collaborations his fusion quartet Ben’s Pizza and a Liguria tour in ’99) like italian pianist Antonio Farao’, guitarist Alessio Menconi, and internationally acclaimed artists bassist Jonas Hellborg and guitarist Shawn Lane with whom he completed their first and only India tour in 2003. Andrea has completed an India tour with his trio “Dif‐Fusion” (Alessio Menconi and Pippo Matino and consequent live CD “Concert in Shillong” 2004); Italy tour with Londoners Terry Pack and Phil Hudson (2006); tours in Italy and Switzerland and studio work with jazz pop singer Andrea Celeste (2010‐2012); CD and touring in Italy and France since 2017 with Lorenzo Piccone band. He also collaborated with Matt Balitsaris , Emanuele Cisi, Claudio Capurro, Bob Bonisolo, V. Selvaganesh, Luca Pasqua, Stefano Guazzo, Billy Martin, Dado Moroni.