Tracklist CD 

  1. Breathing Istanbul
  2. A Tuk-Tuk For Phnom Pehn
  3. Oslo No Light
  4. Wake Up in Manila
  5. Jakarta’s Skyline
  6. Moonlight in Prague
  7. Canton’s Mood
  8. A Foggy Tokyo

Travel was released on October 15, 2021. A mixture of traditions, genres and musical and artistic experiences that has given life to a new and unique instrumental music recording project.

“Travel” collects original pieces written by the trumpeter Marco Vezzoso and the pianist Alessandro Collina.

The compositions were then performed by the duo together with the famous drummer Trilok Gurtu, father of world music, and Dominique Di Piazza, one of the best bass players in the world, who found themselves in the recording studio 30 years after their historic world tour. with guitarist John McLaughlin.

Marco Vezzoso – trumpet and flugelhorn

Alessandro Collina – piano and keyboards

Dominique Di Piazza – electric bass

Trilok Gurtu – tablas, percussion, drums

Artist: Marco Vezzoso

Label: Art in Live
Release date: 15 Ottobre 2021
Distribution: EGEA/INOUIE

Style: Jazz

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