Marie has more than one trick in her music bag. She was a chorister at the Opera, singer-clown of the 4 Barbu (e) s (company Una piccola voce told me), singer of the Grandes Gueules A Cappella (company Absolut Vocal), lead voice of Corou de Berra, director of choirs in the repertoires of Italian popular songs, author and composer of a tribute disc to Fernando Pessoa “Crown me” together with pianist Bruno Angelini. Today she is a founding member of the female vocal group Meïdulla A Cappella. The icing on the cake: an internship with Michel Hindenoch in which he had the idea of a single story that he has played in France and abroad since 2018: Coeur de Tambour and his improvised choir.

Marie sings, tells stories and adorns herself with creations in which stories, poetry and music embroider together. On the traditional path of storytelling, she is led by François Vermel and the Compagnie Le Dahu Téméraire, in Dourgne, with whom she is preparing a thesis on dreams and stories.

Finally, he shares the stage with talented Italian and French jazz musicians in homage to Paolo Conte.

Soli contés en cours :
​-Cœur de Tambour et sa chorale improvisée (tout public)
Contes de la folie des arbres et de la forêt (tout public) : a spectacle of contes traditionnels sur les mystères du monde végétal
Histoire de sorcière (3-5 ans)
Bouquet de contes et de chansons (tout public)
J’ai 5 sens (3-5 ans) : un spectacle musical, pédagogique mais ludique, sur les 5 sens, destiné au tout-petits.
Concerts and musical performances in progress:
– Via con Te, a Tribute to Paolo Conte